Purple Pride Gala

1x4 inches mural copy

2017 Purple Pride Gala is

Saturday JUNE 3, 2017

mark the date:


celebrate all things herchurch

at our FREE Saturday, June 3, Dance and Concert.


featuring the The Stephanie Teel Band — 7 – 10 PM in Mural Hall.

For herchurch folks and friends.  Please invite friends and their friends.

Join the fun but BYO-BS (beverages and snacks to share).

Purpled People contest is on! Prizes.


There will be a purple donation box.

If you are able to make a special contribution that night – great, but not mandatory.

See interview of Stephanie Teel with Poet Kit Kennedy  HERE

AT herchurch – 678 Portola Dr.  SF


THE GODDESS MURAL PROJECT:  The 64×16 foot mural is being created by artist Sybil Erden on 4×8 panels so that it may be erected in its entirety.  It is destined to be a San Francisco Landmark for generations.  It will be mounted on the tower of Ebenezer/herchurch.
Sybil Erden is the Mural Artist whose work has always had political influence and statement as well as putting humans in a Spiritual light. After a 15 year painting hiatus, during which time Sybil founded The Oasis Sanctuary, the US primary life-care facility for exotic parrots, she has returned to her first calling … painting. She is one-third finished with the panels that will make up the 16 x 64 foot Goddess Mural for the tower of Ebenezer/herchurch.