The Liturgy of the Divine Feminine

Celebrate with herchurch!

10:30 a.m. Sundays
10:20 a.m. pre-service music
678 Portola Drive, San Francisco











A new form of church is happening at Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran: a lively, engaging, thoroughly inclusive and feminist service of worship. The Liturgy  of the Divine Feminine is a mulch-experiential sacred performance art of which everyone is a participant.  This is an experience you cannot get on your smartphone and other electronic devices.

Led by Pastor Stacy Boorn and the Priestesses and Staff of herchurch, the liturgy features images and metaphors that will enlarge understanding of and connection with the sacred.

Music, movement, art, and readings further reflect this commitment to reclaiming the feminine persona of the divine. Come as you are – you’ll find hope, healing,and community.

The liturgy provides a sacred time and space in which the community and individual encounters and responds to the loving, creative, challenging, empowering, prophetic wisdom and word of the divine feminine.

Dionne 001 copyOur prayers and liturgy reach back into the storehouse of tradition to bring forth names as Mother, Shaddai, Sophia, Womb, Christ-Sophia, Midwife, Shekinah, Kundalini, She Who Is. They do so out of renewed insights into the nature of the Sacred Love, Compassion and the Wisdom of the Ages.

Let your relationship with the Divine be opened and expanded.

All are welcome at this table!

Spiritual development also occurs in circles that meet outside of the liturgy: