Goddess Mural

Please join us in raising that $75,000 needed for the assembly and installation of the Goddess Mural. In so doing we give thanks to Artist Sybil Erden. Her work, valued at over half-a-million dollars, will honor the Goddess within and around us.

Those making contributions to the Goddess Mural will become a part of the permanent records, along with the artist and herchurch SF, as being responsible for this everlasting landmark art in tribute to the Goddess.

Please send checks earmarked “Mural Fund” to:

678 Portola Drive
San Francisco, CA 94127

Artist Sybil Erden works in her outdoor studio in Arizona and brings sets 4 feet by  8 feet panels to San Francisco as they are completed.  The Mural completion target date is Fall 2018.

After a 2 year break, due to health issues, Muralist Sybil Erden is painting again.  The ChristSophia Panels have arrived.  She arrived as SophiaCrone… awe-some and the Black Madonna surrounded by endangered animals is almost finished!  Last section (ten panels) is Gaia-Earth Mother.

About the Goddess Mural

Goddess MuralWe know that visual art can bring about liberation and reform. It can also bring healing and peace to our souls.

The Goddess mural will rise 64 feet high with four basic symbolic representations of the divine feminine: The Earth Mother, the Black Madonna, the Christ-Sophia, and an androgynous Kali-Kundalini figure whose chakras merge with the phases of the moon and the universe. They will be surrounded by colorful and playful animals, birds, plants and earth’s elements. The mural will be held in place by the purple church.

This mural will be attached, via 32 panels, to the 64 foot high tower of herchurch in San Francisco. Visionary Artist Sybil Erden has freely offered three years of her time to create a magnificent mural that heralds the return of the divine feminine.

The only thing that we need to do is raise the money for the paint, supplies, staging area materials, transportation, and installation of this beautiful work. Do not miss your opportunity to be at ground zero for the unfolding of one of the most exciting projects of the century which will help usher in a new age – her time has come!

Destined to be a San Francisco landmark, the Goddess Mural will be a visual sign of hope, beauty and the possibility of unfolding justice.

It is time for this kind of liberation and reform, healing and beauty to grace our city and world.

Sybil works on some of the  panels for the ChristSophia:

Mural 2016 A