For Children

Children's circle

Engaged in the Word!

herchurch is a child-friendly community. Children and youth are involved in all aspects of our faith journey and community life. The children are engaged in the worship and participate in the Word/Wisdom, as well as leadership roles.

Children are especially engaged in the movement, drumming and chanting portions of the liturgy.

Art/word/music projects are woven into the worship setting and community times.


Spirituality workshops for girls

Re-imaging traditional Christian Stories, retelling the lost Divine Feminine/Woman Stories in Judeo-Christian communities, reclaiming ancient and Eternal Goddess theology.

herchurch offers feminist spirituality and religious empowerment and education for girls. These workshops for girls ages 5-7, 8-11, and 12-14 include stories, art, music, rituals, dance and games that will reconnect girls with the divine feminine within themselves and the cosmos. Youth ages 12-14 serve as teaching assistants and receive community service credit and a small stipend.

Please check our Events listings for upcoming workshop dates.