Books and Music

by herchurch community members and friends


Birthing God

BirthGodBookAvailable at herchurch: Lana Dalberg’s new book, Birthing God: Women’s Experience of the Divine, in which 40 women of faith describe inspirational, Spirit-filled moments: a midwife celebrates Goddess birthing the world again; a South Korean student feels divine hands supporting her despite excruciating torture; a grieving pastor walks a labyrinth and rediscovers the Rock of her existence.

Diverse and compelling, the women’s stories inspire readers to reflect and deepen their own spiritual practices. Visit Lana’s blog at

Order Birthing God at Skylight Paths Publishing.


CASCADE_TemplateChanging Church

How are faith communities who include multicultural images of the Divine Feminine changing church and society? Through the fascinating stories of pioneering ministers and faith communities, Changing Church reveals a unique picture of progressive changes occurring in the Christian tradition. Stacy Boorn, pastor of herchurch in San Francisco, is among the ministers featured in this book. Visit author  Dr. Jann Aldredge-Clanton’s website for more details.

Other important works by Jann Aldredge-Clanton include Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians and Inclusive Hymns for Liberation, Peace, and Justice.  Words we sing in worship have great power to shape our beliefs and actions.  The hymns in Dr. Jann Aldredge-Clanton’s collections contribute to an expansive theo/alogy and ethic of equality and justice in human relationships.  Most of the hymns are set to widely-known tunes, many with fresh arrangements.

Individuals and communities wishing to find and rediscover the Divine Feminine and female personifications of God that have been hidden but not fully erased from the Judeo-Christian writings, practices, theologies, and spirituality will find Jann’s “I Whose Image” and “In Search of Christ-Sophia”  powerful resources.


While eating oysters

This book of bite-sized poems by herchurch poet-in-residence Kit Kennedy is available for sale directly through the
  and for purchase at A Woman’s Eye Gallery at herchurch.

Kit also co-authored Inconvenience (Litoral Press, Berkeley) and Constellations (Co-Lab Press, San Francisco), both with Susan Gangel. Her poems Beyond the Human Voice: 7 Poems Inspired by the Art of Susan Black are available as an e-book. Kit blogs at


Early Women Architects

of the San Francisco Bay Area: The Lives and Work of Fifty Professionals, 1890-1951

Inge Schaeffer Horton’s book chronicles the lives and careers of trailblazing female architects in the San Francisco Bay Area. The book is available at

Inge clearly presents the lives, careers, and work of fifty largely unknown pioneers. It chronicles the triumphs and challenges these path-breaking women faced in their pursuit of entering and claiming space in the male-dominated field of architecture. Each biography offers vital data, a description of the career, a list of known buildings and work, and a bibliography. Included are photographs of buildings, portraits of the architects, and some architectural drawings.


Queerly Lutheran

Author and Pastor Megan Rohrer reexamines sexual orientations and gender identities in the Lutheran tradition in her book Queerly Lutheran, available at


Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook

San Francisco author Jennifer Bair’s book embraces the feminine divine and has been called “the new Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance for our times.” Open Road: A Goddess-Biker Guidebook is available at


Also, see our Recommended Reading page.


If you are interested in Katie Ketchum’s Singing As A Meditation Practice video course, please visit her web site:   It is a wonderful practice and can enrich your spiritual/life journey.

Vocal Divine

Members of the herchurch community recorded “HER Sacred Songs” at herchurch in October 2013. For more details about ordering a CD, please visit the HER Sacred Songs CD page.


Jann Aldredge-Clanton

Jann Aldredge-Clanton is the author of Inclusive Hymns for Liberating Christians, with composer Larry E. Schultz. Listen to her hymn “Midwife Divine Now Calls Us.”


Jennifer Berezan

Jennifer Berezan is a unique blend of singer/ songwriter, producer, and activist. Her lifelong involvement in environmental, women’s, and other justice movements as well as an interest in Buddhism and earth-based spirituality are at the heart of her writing. Explore Jennifer’s music at her website.


Miriam Therese Winter 

The music and books of Miriam Therese Winter are available through the Women’s Leadership Institute.


Lisa Rafel

Lisa Rafel is a chanter, writer, Tibetan Bowl/Bell performer, sound and energy healer. Her work includes ancient and shamanic religious wisdom, traditions and cultures. Visit her at